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    The Creative Capital
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    Pages 11 from 2013-Otis_Report_on_the_Creative_Economy-3California is arguably home to one of the highest concentrations of creative  individuals in the world. One can travel the length and breadth of the state exploring fine art galleries that attract buyers from all over the world or wander through local fairs that showcase the artistry of hand-made crafts. California is home to world-class symphonies and ballet companies. Community theaters and youth orchestras can be found in rural towns and large cities. The arts in virtually all their myriad and wonderful forms are flourishing in California. California is also a focal point for a number of creative industries including entertainment, computer gaming, architecture and fashion design. Taken together, all these activities help define the creative economy of California.

    THE FAST FACTS: 1.4 million jobs in California (direct, indirect, induced) 1 in 10 in the state.  Report Courtesy of Otis College of Art and Design, Report on the Creative Economy 2013

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