• Commercial Interiors Define Behavior

    Posted on April 6, 2013 by in blog

    We all know that having a nice lobby attracts customers and makes them feel welcomed and nice.  Let’s also consider the impact that decor and environment have on employee behavior.

    Commercial interiors and commercial art are crucial to the overall work environment.  Your interior artwork and decor effect pride, quality, morale, efficiency, and performance?  In fact, industrial design studies show that the first step in changing corporate culture and behavior is with changing the environment to be in alignment with the corporate culture goals.  Of course, the same goes for negative impact from a non-optimal commercial interior.  If your corporate culture is one of young and fresh, does the interior design and art reflect that?  Bright colors and abstract shapes might be what is needed.  Is your company high tech?  Then aluminum and glass should be prominent.  Are you stable and established?  Rich wood finishes and leather might convey that.

    The bottom line is this – we as humans adapt to our environment, and the art we are surrounded by along with the interior decor of our work environment defines our behaviors and approaches to our jobs.

    What direction is your commercial interior pointing your employees?

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